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Optimizer720® gathers and analyzes data and produces compelling results within 35 days. Which means leadership teams achieve a sense of momentum and accountability, one of the best ways to ensure the success of change programs.

The Optimizer720 process includes:


Days 1 – 8:

Days 9 – 25:

Days 26 – 30:

Days 31 – 35:


Project Kick-off and Set up

Data Gathering among managers, employees, customers and others

Analysis and Interpretation of findings

Presentation of findings and initiate action plans


“Optimizer720 did a fabulous job of identifying issues on which to focus our planning. We were particularly impressed with how well the report zeroed in on relationship issues, and how quickly we were able to implement a 100-day action plan.”


Michael Fox, Principal
KMT Partners, Adelaide, Australia


Optimizer720’s other powerful attributes:



Fact-based and numerical analysis pinpoints where the opportunities and challenges are.




Compelling visuals make it clear where the business can make change and achieve results.





Optimizer720 delivers the evidence you need to achieve change.










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