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Optimizer720 is a powerful tool to help family business advisors and families understand the true current state of their business and predict its future. Optimizer720 makes this a simple process with three visual presentations of its comprehensive analysis:


Performance Gap Analysis

Customers, management and staff can all have very different views of a business. Optimizer720 identifies gaps in how each group rates the same business issues - gaps that indicate potential threats or possible opportunities.

Optimizer720 displays the gaps in 12 business performance categories using an easy to read chart. You can see how quickly the Agility gap becomes apparent in this example.


Stakeholder Chart Icon

Relationship Index

In business, relationships mean everything. The Optimizer720 Relationship Index analyzes these living connections by measuring the likelihood staff and customers will advocate for, and stay engaged with, the business. Most importantly, it reveals whether stakeholders believe the business is in good hands with current family members and their successors.

This example displays how internal stakeholders have less confidence than others in the current and future owners. This surprised the firm but led to critical, and needed, discussions about family succession.


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Interactive Webcube

The real power of Optimizer720 comes from its Interactive Webcube. This compelling online tools lets you drill into the data and identify specific groups and issues that warrant immediate attention.

In the sample below low score orange boxes point to worsening relations with suppliers (Network). Innovation issues are also plaguing the company. Each box can be expanded to reveal additional details that will guide remedial action.


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“What a difference Optimizer720 made in our ability to zero in on important challenges and opportunities. In the past we relied on the perceptions of our managers. This time we were able to integrate the perceptions of our employees, customers and others.”

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Bruce Tavender
Maple Lodge Farms

“The visual data told a fantastic story, just don't look at the numbers only!”

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Rob Jickling, P.Eng., CEO
Toronto, Canada


Will Optimizer720 give your clients the confidence to accomplish change?





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