Optimizer720 pinpoints opportunities for profitable change in mid-market companies

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Optimizer720 starts with a compelling set of statements.

Internal and external stakeholders respond with their unique perspectives – customer, manager, employee, board member, supplier.

Their perceptions are mapped, their similarities and differences clearly displayed.

And, via presentation and discussion, a path quickly emerges to propel the business forward.




Sounds simple, right?


Here’s how Optimizer720 helps business leaders rapidly gather and analyze a company's opportunities and threats:

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Stakeholders use a simple online tool to evaluate the business on a set of 9-12 key performance drivers. These drivers have evolved from decades of work with mid-market and family businesses.


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Optimizer720 compiles and analyzes the responses while cross referencing feedback from other groups.


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Clear, compelling visuals are generated for easy interpretation. Core elements include an Interactive Webcube, Performance Gap Analysis and Relationship Indices. Learn More about Optimizer720 Reports.







Questions that Optimizer720 helps answer:


  • How do perceptions of customers and others differ from the firm’s strategic direction?


  • Are managers and employees in sync with each other but out of sync with customers?


  • What are the most important strategic issues confronting the business?



“Optimizer720 did a fabulous job of identifying issues on which to focus our planning. We were particularly impressed with how well the report zeroed in on relationship issues, and how quickly we were able to implement a 100-day action plan.”

KMT Partners

Michael J. Fox, Principal
KMT Partners, Adelaide, Australia



“There are 3 "steps" to Optimizer720; kick off, data gathering and interpreting the survey results. The valuable insights from each step can transform your business. And, the visual data told a fantastic story, don't just look at the numbers!”

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Rob Jickling, P.Eng., CEO
Toronto, Canada







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