The only process that examines both
business and family performance.

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Being a business owner can be a lonely perch. Often, it’s difficult to find out what’s really going on, and to decide which actions will benefit performance and value.

Until now.

Examine both family and business performance.

Unlike other diagnostic tools that focus on talent management, career planning or relationship issues, Optimizer720® examines business and family performance.

Optimizer720 is uniquely able to help owners and managers measure and map stakeholder alignment on key business drivers.


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Designed for speed, reliability and visualization.

Evidence based insights enable Optimizer720 to help family businesses identify areas of actionable strength and threat.

Actionable insights highlight gaps between intention and practice that could be undermining the best efforts of family and staff members. When acted on, these insights can lead to:

  • stronger relationships between family members;
  • improvements in the way family members interact with employees and hired managers; and
  • enhanced transition readiness through lessening the ambiguity, second-guessing and possible misunderstandings that can sabotage the process



“What a difference Optimizer720 made in our ability to zero in on important challenges and opportunities. In the past we relied on the perceptions of our managers. This time we were able to integrate the perceptions of our employees, customers and others.”


Bruce Tavender
Maple Lodge Farms



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