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Business leaders rely on their experience to evaluate and make decisions about change. Optimizer720 provides a powerful tool to help them more accurately diagnose their company's situation. More importantly, the organizatiion is more likely to follow recommendations for change when presented with Optimizer720 data that is both compellingly objective and quantifiable. Seeing the evidence makes all the difference.



How It Works



“The detailed feedback and clear, concise analysis we obtained from all stakeholders allowed us to identify areas that required action and improvement. Based on these results, we will use Optimizer720 again.”


Belinda Seddon, CEO
UrbanVirons Group, Kilburn, SA


“Optimizer720 is extremely powerful for examining differing stakeholder views of performance and experience. It was particularly powerful for communicating to my client’s board that stakeholders are highly committed to the firm but have concerns over the future of the business... specifically around succession.”

Dr. Chris Graves
Family Business Education
and Research Group



Optimizer720’s other powerful attributes:



Within 35 days, gather and compare the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders.




Compelling visuals make it clear where the business can make change and achieve results.





Optimizer720 delivers the evidence you need to achieve change.










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