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The visual analysis created by Optimizer720 paints a vivid picture that makes it easy for family business advisors and their clients to identify issues and opportunities.




How It Works



“With Optimizer720, we have been able to expand our analysis capabilities in a fast and easy manner, enabling us to engage our clients in results-oriented conversations.”


Salvador Cerón de la Torre
STF Consulting Group


“The Optimizer720 tool is an efficient and effective way of gathering data on common questions across multiple stakeholder groups‎. The results, when analysed, deliver facts which improve the planning process.”



Grant Robinson. Retired Partner
BDO, Toronto, Canada


Optimizer720’s other powerful attributes:



In 35 days, gather the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders and present them to your client.




Fact-based and numerical analysis pinpoints where the opportunities and challenges are.





Optimizer720 will give your clients the confidence to accomplish change.







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