Optimizer720 gives 720 degrees of perspective

to business owners and leaders

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Optimizer720® is a performance improvement process and set of tools to facilitate change in your business. It enables owners, managers and business advisors to focus on the significant issues having an impact on business and transition performance.


Optimizer720 creates a 720° view of an enterprise through direct feedback from internal and external stakeholders – customers, managers, employees, board members, suppliers and others.


Optimizer720 delivers an analysis that is objective, measurable and clear. The results are available in 35 days or less, and are a powerful catalyst for change and growth.

Process and Set of Tools



How It Works



The power of Optimizer720 comes from three attributes:




Within 35 days, gather and compare  the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders.




Fact-based and numerical analysis pinpoints where the opportunities and challenges are.




Compelling visuals make it clear where the business can make change and achieve results.




“Optimizer720 did a fabulous job of identifying issues on which to focus our planning. We were particularly impressed with how well the report zeroed in on relationship issues, and how quickly we were able to implement a 100-day action plan.”

Michael J. Fox, Principal
KMT Partners, Adelaide, Australia



“The Optimizer720 tool is an efficient and effective way of gathering data on common questions across multiple stakeholder groups. The results, when analysed, deliver facts which improve the planning process.”

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Grant Robinson, Retired Partner
BDO, Toronto, Canada

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