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2. What training do I need?

As part of your first Optimizer720 project you'll receive training and support from the Optimizer720 team.

The online training program consists of 4 modules requiring roughly 4 hours over the course of your first Optimizer720 project. At the end of the process, you will be a certified Optimizer720 Advisor.

For those requiring additional assistance, consulting help is available at an hourly rate. Click here to inquire

3. What are the benefits to me of using Optimizer720?

  • Better marketability: get your foot in the door in a new area, or at least, in a new way.
  • Differentiate your practice from other family business advisors.
  • Enhance your reputation for providing recommendations with fast, measureable impacts on performance.
  • Deepen your client relationships using reliable, relevant and timely information.
  • Help your clients make important decisions that drive tangible, achievable and measureable results.
  • Demonstrate your ability to build your client organization's capacity for change, and the competence and confidence of its members to enact change.
  • Earn higher fees for multi-year implementation engagements.
  • Become invaluable to mid-market firms and family businesses on matters of performance improvement, transition and succession.
  • Gain access to the only system that simply, quickly, visually identifies the gap between business strategy and execution. It is built to uniquely help you identify business performance and transition readiness issues then get results … fast.

4. What are the benefits of using Optimizer720 for my client’s firm?

The Optimizer720 facilitates decision-making based on facts and evidence:

  • Change and performance-improvement are easily measured from year to year;
  • Barriers to increased sales and profits are identified and overcome;
  • Misalignments between strategy and execution are corrected;
  • Customer relationships are measured, evaluated then enhanced;
  • Stakeholder loyalty and engagement to the company and its brand are identified and improved. This also applies to stakeholder confidence in how the family firm is managed;
  • Goals of owners, management and employees are aligned;
  • Data driven evidence removes hesitation for organizational change in the areas of: growth, reorganization, turnaround, introduction of new systems, agility, innovation, safety, changes in the market, leadership, liquidity event and/or estate planning;
  • Owners/boards receive a standardized evaluation process for multiple enterprises;
  • A culture for continuous improvement can be accepted and implemented.

5. What support do I get?

Throughout your first Optimizer720 project you have unlimited access to both training and support. You will receive structured 4-hour training, free of charge, as part of your first Optimizer720 project.

Once you have completed the training, you will be set up with a personal Dashboard to manage and monitor all your Optimizer720 projects.

You have unlimited access to Technical Support at support@optimizer720 and +1 (416) 360-0177 between the hours of 0900 and 1700 EST/EDT, Monday through Friday.

For those requiring additional, more complex assistance, consulting help is available at an hourly rate.

7. Will my logo appear on my Optimizer720 reports?

Yes it will along with your client’s name and logo. We have customized opportunities available for firms with multiple advisors.

8. Is my client’s data secure, private and protected?

All data gathered is securely and anonymously held by Optimizer720 based on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

9. How do I pay? When is payment due?

Our Pricing page has all the details.

10. Why Does Optimizer720 Work?

Optimizer720 is a data driven system that takes the guesswork out of planning. It is the only system that simply, quickly, visually identifies the gap between business strategy and execution. It is built to help you identify business performance and transition readiness issues then get results … fast.

It allows you and your client to:

  1. Get the whole picture in one report
  2. Open the door to real communication
  3. Visualize the story created by the data
  4. Eliminate typical blind spots
  5. Make evidence-based decisions based on current reliable information
  6. Establish a culture of collaboration and change
  7. Immediately address achievable results
  8. Unlocks business value
  9. Align family and business
  10. Create an ongoing baseline to measure future improvement

11. How Does Optimizer720 Work?

Optimizer720 surveys internal and external stakeholders on a standard set of paired statements: One addresses a business process while the other addresses a business practice. Nineteen of these paired sets are used to capture opinions of participants - how they understand and how they experience the business as it actually operates. Their responses are transformed into numerical data then displayed in easy to read charts that visually track the organization's alignment of strategy and execution.

Some of Optimizer720's unique features include:

  • Survey respondents can be segmented into multiple groups and subgroups for fine-tuned tracking of results. For example, divisions or locations can be compared leading to precise and useful insights.
  • Up to five open-ended questions can be added to a survey to obtain non-structured opinions on company-specific issues. These have proven to be an invaluable resource of direct, candid feedback.
  • The online survey technique uses a 7-point Likert scale, ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, to rate each statement in a pair.
  • All survey participants respond to the same statements. However, minor wording changes are employed to personalize the survey experience. For example, a statement may refer to "we" for employees or the company name for customers.
  • A customizable communication system to keep participants informed with personalized emails before, during and after a survey is closed.

12. Who is Surveyed?

The survey captures data for three respondent categories (Internal, External, Associate) and up to five respondent groups:

  • Internal: Managers, Employees
  • External: Customers, Network (e.g. suppliers or agents)
  • Associates: Associates can contain non-executive stakeholders, owners/shareholders not directly involved in the business, board members, investors, referrers, and so forth.

13. What is Measured?

Perceptions are measured against a set of 12 carefully selected performance drivers. Each driver is broken down into two contributing factors or competencies. Survey respondents are then asked to rate each competency's paired statements - one for business process (strategy), the other for business practice (execution). Survey results pinpoint how aligned the two statements are.

This example demonstrates how minor wording changes personalize the Outward Looking competency statements of the Opportunity business driver. The three sets of paired statements automatically change depending on the respondent group being addressed: Internal, External or Associate. In addition, if this company provides services instead of products, all instances of "customer" would be automatically replaced with "client".

Outward Looking


  1. We constantly look for ways to get new customers.
  2. We adjust our marketing programs based on market trends.


  1. [companyname] constantly looks for ways to get new customers.
  2. [companyname] adjusts its marketing programs based on market trends.


  1. [companyname] constantly looks for ways to get new customers.
  2. [companyname] adjusts its marketing programs based on market trends.

14. Which Languages are Available?

Optimizer720 is available in English, Spanish and French.




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