Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

It’s very easy. Let us know you're interested: call Aron Pervin at +1 (416) 360-0177 or John Marrett at +1 (514) 565-6720. To offer Optimizer720, you must be a Certified Advisor.

2. What training do I need?

There are 4 e-Learning modules plus a few short quizzes. In about 4 hours you will acheive individual (not organization) certification.

3. What are the benefits to me?

  • Enhance your reputation as a valued, results-oriented advisor.
  • Differentiate your practice from other advisors.
  • Deepen your client relationships using reliable, relevant and timely information on which to base important decisions.
  • Better marketability: get your foot in the door in a new area, or, at least, in a new way.
  • Networking opportunities - plugs you into two new communities: one that is earning the certification and one that has the certification.
  • Build trust and confidence by identifying and collaborating on changes that drive pragmatic, achievable and measureable results.
  • Ensure your recommendations are backed by hard evidence.
  • Demonstrate your ability to build your client organization's capacity for change, and the competence and confidence of its members to enact change.
  • Become invaluable to mid-market firms and family businesses on matters of performance improvement, transition and succession.
  • Gain access to the only business performance and transition readiness system that allows you to simply, quickly, and visually identify the gap between strategy and execution, and get results … fast!
  • Be in a position to earn higher fees for implementation engagements; and
  • Promote your existing services with an optional ad in our online Directory of Optimizer720 Certified Advisor community.

4. What are the benefits to my client’s organization?

The Optimizer720 process enables decision-making to be based on evidence to:

  • Execute and monitor tactical and strategic planning;
  • Establish a performance baseline against which to measure change and improvement;
  • Drive sales and profits;
  • Align strategy with execution;
  • Measure and evaluate customer relationships;
  • Measure internal and external loyalty and engagement to company and brand;
  • Measure confidence stakeholders have in the way the family firm is managed;
  • Negotiate declining markets or rapid growth;
  • Improve enterprise performance;
  • Gain competitive advantage;
  • Assess alignment of owners, management and employees;
  • Drive organizational change:  growth, reorganization, turnaround, introduction of new systems, agility, innovation, safety, changes in the market, leadership, liquidity event and/or estate planning;
  • Assist in the valuation and preparation a business for sale, merger acquisition or ESOP;
  • Provide owners/boards a standardized evaluation process for multiple enterprises;
  • Create positive scenarios for transition and growth planning, including controlled opportunities for next generation demonstration of talent and competence;
  • Develop beneficial initiatives that manage risk; and
  • Create a culture for continuous improvement.

5. What support do I get?

Once you have completed the training, you will be set up with your own Dashboard which allows you to manage and monitor all your Optimizer720 projects. In addition, you will have unlimited access to our Technical Support Line at +1 (416) 360-0177 between the hours of 0900 and 1700 EST/EDT, Monday through Friday. And, for those requiring additional assistance, consulting help is available at an hourly rate.

6. What does it cost?

The cost is very reasonable. Optimizer720 is priced to provide clients with an exceptional ROI and certified advisors with an additional, potentially recurring, revenue stream. Complete details are available by calling +1 (416) 360-0177, or by sending an email to with your name and company. You can also use our contact form.

7. What if I need help with my project?

Our goal is to help you solidify your position with mid-sized and family enterprise clients by removing all barriers to your success. As a Certified Optimizer720 Advisor, you will have access to a wide range of materials that will answer most of your questions. By example, we will help you set up your first project, as needed. Every certified advisor receives up to two hours of free telephone support in their first six months and unlimited technical support at +1 (416) 360-0177 between the hours of 0900 and 1700 EST/EDT, Monday through Friday.

8. What if I have a technical issue?

Unlimited technical support is available by telephone at +1 (416) 360-0177 between 0900 to 1700h EST/EDT, Monday through Friday.

9. Will I receive any sales and marketing support?

Yes, you will. Once you have completed the training you will have access to our customizable marketing materials (brochures, presentations, sample reports, proprietary marks and images, etc.)

10. Will my logo appear on my Optimizer720 reports?

Yes it will along with your client’s name and logo. We have customized opportunities available for firms with multiple users.

11. Is my client’s data secure, private and protected?

All data gathered is securely and anonymously held by Optimizer Reports Inc. based on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

12. When are projects invoiced?

You will be invoiced for a project when it is opened on your Dashboard.

13. When is payment due?

Payment is due on or before the date on which the project is closed to respondents, and the report and Interactive Webcube® are generated.

14. How do I pay?

Payment can be made online by major credit card, or by bank transfer. Each invoice from Optimizer720 gives you the option of paying directly by credit card or PayPal.

15. Why Does Optimizer720 Work?

The Optimizer720 system allows you to take the guesswork out of planning.
It is the only business performance and transition readiness planning tool that allows you to simply, quickly, and visually identify the gap between strategy and execution, and get results … fast!
It allows you and your client to:

  1. Get the whole picture in one report
  2. Open the door to real communication
  3. Visualize the story created by the data
  4. Eliminate typical blind spots
  5. Make evidence-based decisions based on current reliable information
  6. Establish a culture of collaboration and change
  7. Immediately address achievable results
  8. Unlocks business value
  9. Align family and business
  10. Create an ongoing baseline
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