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Let’s say a company has a very specific policy for dealing with customer complaints. 

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to top management, the department responsible for ensuring that each is handled in a timely and appropriate manner has not been doing its job. 

Optimizer720 contains several statements that solicit perceptions on the way the company interacts with customers: 

  • We consider customer/client satisfaction essential to our success.
  • We try to provide an experience that goes beyond the expectations of our customers/clients.
  • We listen and respond to customer/client feedback.
  • By agreeing or disagreeing with a statement, Optimizer720 provides revealing insights into the way the business is operating.

Given the way this company has been handling complaints, it is quite likely that the responses of customers and internal stakeholders (particularly managers) will be out of sync. Customers might “Disagree” or even “Strongly Disagree” with one or more of these statements, while managers might agree. This would immediately throw up a red flag, alerting decision makers to a potential problem, and leading to an investigation into why customers are not as happy with the company as management has believed they are.

Once the issue has been uncovered and explored in more depth, there is a strong possibility that ‘increasing customer satisfaction' will be a focus of the next marketing or strategic plan

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