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Optimizer720® shows family businesses where their opportunities lie using fast, evidence-based, powerfully visual online tools.




In 35 days, gather then present internal and external stakeholder perceptions to your client.




Fact-based and numerical analysis pinpoints where the opportunities and challenges are.




Compelling visuals make it clear where the business can make change and achieve results.




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“Optimizer720 is extremely powerful for examining differing stakeholder views of performance and experience. It was particularly powerful for communicating to my client’s board that stakeholders are highly committed to the firm but have concerns over the future of the business... specifically around succession.”

University of adelaide


Dr. Chris Graves
Family Business Education
and Research Group



“What a difference Optimizer720 made in our ability to zero in on important challenges and opportunities. In the past we relied on the perceptions of our managers. This time we were able to integrate the perceptions of our employees, customers and others.”

Maple Lodge Farms


Bruce Tavender
Maple Lodge Farms



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