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Certification has its privileges!

Why should I become Certified?

Maintaining quality across our network is extremely important for all of us, and only those who are able to meet our exacting standards will be able to offer Optimizer720 to their clients.

Once you are certified, you join a select community of advisors – both independant and members of larger firms – who have met the requirements and demonstrated their ability to effectively use Optimizer720.

What are the benefits of Certification?

As an Optimizer720 Certified Advisor, you will...

  • Gain access to the only business performance and transition readiness planning tool that allows you to simply, quickly, and visually identify the gap between strategy and execution, and get results … fast!
  • Deepen your client relationship using reliable, relevant and timely information on which to base important decisions that drive tangible, achievable and measureable results Provide recommendations that have a fast and measureable impact on performance;
  • Demonstrate professional credibility - you receive a designation that identifies you as a continuous learner and value creator;
  • Provide your clients with confidence that you know what you are doing and you are using the best practices to do it;
  • Give your clients confidence that the advice you offer is based on cutting-edge analytics and standards of quality;
  • Get help with specific issues from others in the Optimizer720certified advisor community;
  • Be in a position to earn higher fees for implementation engagements; and
  • Be able to promote your existing services with an optional ad in our online Directory of Optimizer720 Certified Advisor community.

How do I become certified?

  1. Complete and submit the Optimizer720 application form.
  2. Sign the Licensing Agreement and pay the Certification & First Project fee.
  3. Successfully complete the online training program and receive your certification.
  4. Create your first project.

What's the cost?

Certification is amazingly affordable. And, as a Certified Advisoryou are entitled to one low, per project price that locks in your costs and makes an Optimizer720 project very profitable for both you and your clients. For details, complete the form or call +1 (416) 360-0177. 

What training is required?

Our online training program consists of 4 modules requiring about 4 hours to complete. Details are available by returning the Optimizer720 application form or calling +1 (416) 360-0177. 

  • All modules have specific educational goals and learning objectives/outcomes.
  • Some have a short quiz that tests your understanding of the subject matter and flags any areas that require attention.
  • The modules vary in length from 15 minutes to an hour.

Our online training program has been designed for an independent Advisor, whether a sole proprietor or member of a larger advisory firm. Customized training plans are available for organizations in which Optimizer720 will be used by 5 or more practitioners. Ask us for details.

What do I receive as an Optimizer720 Certified Advisor?

Upon successful completion of all training modules, you will receive:

  • a diploma confirming that you have met the requirements; 
  • the right to identify yourself as an Optimizer720 Certified Advisor on your marketing materials and website;
  • a personal Dashboard (for managing all your projects);
  • assistance to set up your first project on your personal Dashboard (using Skype or GoToMeeting);
  • secure storage space on our Canadian servers; and
  • a limited, non-exclusive license to purchase projects. Please refer to our Licensing Agreement for details.


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