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pinpoints opportunities
for profitable change.

Optimizer720 helps the mid-market make smarter decisions and business families make successful transitions.

Based on the perceptions of major stakeholders, Optimizer720® identifies performance gaps, enabling clients and their advisors to scope out and initiate projects that get results quickly, often in 100 days or less.

How Optimizer720 works.

Stakeholder perceptions are measured against a set of carefully selected performance drivers. Each driver is divided into two contributing factors (competencies). Two statements measure the way stakeholders have experienced each competency. Check out the business drivers and competencies that measure business performance. And for more detail on how the Optimizer720 process delivers these exceptional insights, click here.

The analytics built into Optimizer720 have been reviewed by major accounting firms and universities, and used with success by companies in Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

The proof is in the results.

Evidence-based insights highlight opportunities for profitable change, and lead to projects designed to achieve Rapid Results.

Focus on two or three projects, demonstrate results, and then move on to others. Trying to do too much too soon can be a recipe for inaction and disappointment.

Evaluate engagement, loyalty, and confidence in management.

  • Is the company a great place to work?
  • Do customers recommend its products and services?
  • Do stakeholders have confidence in the way the business is managed?

Our Relationship Index provides a veritable treasure trove of information, focusing attention on customer loyalty and employee engagement for all mid-market businesses and, for family businesses, the family's impact on the health and well-being of the enterprise.

See performance gaps and critical issues.

Colourful, easy-to-read graphs and charts enable clients to see, not just read about, stakeholder perceptions.

Our Interactive Webcube® provides a snapshot of the way different groups perceive a company’s performance on business drivers, competencies and even the individual statements that survey respondents are asked to rate. It’s a simple way of identifying issues requiring attention. Check it out here.


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What the “720” is all about.

Optimizer720 provides a 720-degree view of a business by getting feedback from both internal and external stakeholders – customers, managers, employees, board members, suppliers, and others.

By surveying each group on the same factors, Optimizer720 measures and maps the way stakeholders perceive the current and future health of the business:

  • Are there major differences in the way the firm is viewed by customers and others? 
  • Are managers and employees in sync? 
  • How do the perceptions of Board members compare?
  • What insights can suppliers and other “outsiders” add?
  • What are the most important strategic issues confronting the business? 
  • Are appropriate value business drivers and competencies aligned to achieving strategic objectives?  

► How Optimizer720 Wokrs!

Check out how Optimizer720 performs its magic of creating value for your clients!.


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