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Built to facilitate change
and get results – fast! 

Choose to consult differently. 

Optimizer720® is for consultants who are not content to write traditional reports and leave it to clients to figure out how to make things work.

The Optimizer720 performance improvement process facilitates change. It provides exceptional and actionable insights that enable consultants and clients to focus on issues that are having, or are likely to have, a significant impact on performance… and to select and initiate projects that will produce results quickly, often in 100 days or less.

The revolutionary 720-degree assessment.

Optimizer720 provides the world's first and only 720-degree assessment of business performance. It lies at the heart of a consulting process that is revolutionizing the way performance improvement initiatives are identified.

Optimizer720 consultants are uniquely positioned to:

  • Provide clients with evidence-based insights not available from any other source.
  • Identify factors that are contributing to a client’s poor, or suboptimal, performance.
  • Build and manage Rapid Results projects designed to close gaps and improve performance.
  • Stay involved by meeting with the client’s team at regular intervals to check up on progress and course correct, as necessary.
  • Help family businesses effectively deal with the issues of business transition and continuity.
  • Identify any issues with customer loyalty, employee engagement, and confidence in the way family members are managing the business.
  • Work with business owners to improve relationships between family members, and family and staff members to resolve issues threatening business success.
  • Develop valuable insights to factor into a SWOT analysis and strategic planning process.

The bottom line.

Being able to quickly and accurately…

  • identify issues affecting business performance,
  • build measurable Rapid Results projects,
  • facilitate collaboration and teamwork, and
  • align stakeholders in pursuit of common objectives...

…enable Optimizer720 consultants to deliver exceptional value to their clients, and differentiate their approach from the many others who are just not into rolling up their sleeves to show results.


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