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Getting Started

Certification & First Project - US$3,000


The only way to fully appreciate the power of Optimizer720 is to experience it in action.

That's why we’ve bundled up your first project with Certification training; your personal Dashboard and telephone support to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This one low price includes:

  • Certification training (4 hours of e-Learning modules with short quizzes)
  • Optimizer720 for one project
  • A personal Dashboard for managing all your Optimizer720 projects
  • Assistance, as needed, setting up your Dashboard and initiating your first project
  • Customized sales & marketing support, which can also be further branded on request (price to be determined)
  • Individual Coaching support (as per fee schedule below)
  • Right to use the Optimizer720 system according to the Licensing Agreement.

Optimizer720 is ideal for multi-practitioner firms that...

  • have a number of advisors who will use the Optimizer720 system.
  • would like to customize their offering to make it better fit their services and culture.
  • would like a centralized Optimizer720 Dashboard, administered by a member of their firm.


Sound interesting? Find out more at

Canada +1 (416) 360-0177

We will do everything possible to satisfy your requirements!


Ongoing Projects

Per Project for Certified Advisors - US$2,000


Relentless Support

Individual Coaching - US$350 per hour

  1. An Optimizer720 team member can sit in (remotely) on your client meeting, and provide observations and suggestions to maximize the value of Optimizer720 for both you and your client.
  2. An Optimizer720 team member will work personally with you to deliver the exceptional insights and client service that enhance your position as a valued advisor (custom program).

Typical assistance:

Per project review of conclusions and recommendations.

Choose the fastest, most economical way to obtain advice from an experienced team member. An Optimizer720 team member will review your work and provide a second opinion on your conclusions, recommendations and proposed approach (to the client-planning meeting).

When provided before and after a client meeting, this advice will help ensure meetings go as well as possible, and focus on issues that will resonate with your client.

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