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Extensive experience with
mid-market and family enterprises
uncovered the need.


With his 40-year year background in business, behaviour and therapy, Aron Pervin is recognized as a global leader in the field of family-owned business management and governance.

Consultant, counsellor, author and educator, he has helped hundreds of business families succeed by developing, managing and preserving their relationships. This is done through planning, communication and activities that address individual, business, family and shareholder issues.

Aron's work with family enterprises led to the
development of Optimizer720.

For some time, Aron had been searching for a business intelligence tool that would enable business owners and their paid executives to better understand the way in which family dynamics were impacting business performance and business value, and what could be done to both improve the way active family members were relating to each other and to employees. 

The problem, as he proved to himself time and time again, was that no single tool existed. While available research products enabled assessments of employee engagement, customer satisfaction and many other aspects of business performance, none provided a holistic view of the business and its challenges and opportunities, as seen through the eyes of all key stakeholders.

A highly qualified team was up to the challenge.

Not content to accept the status quo, or rely on these available tools, Aron assembled a highly qualified team of experts in research, technology and business intelligence to think through this challenge. The result was Optimizer720, an innovative business intelligence tool that provides a complete picture of a firm’s performance and areas in need of improvement. 

Drawing on his successful consulting career, Aron and his team have ensured that Optimizer720 takes full account of the perceptions of both internal and external stakeholders. Most importantly, Optimizer720 has been designed to identify issues that deserve immediate attention, both for family enterprises and for mid-sized businesses looking to improve their performance and achieve their longer-term goals.


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