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When it comes improving business performance, Optimizer720
is a game changer.

Today’s fast-paced business environment demands agility and innovation. But for many management teams, getting reliable and timely information on which to base important decisions has been a challenge. 

This is where Optimizer720 excels. 

No more guesswork.

Most financial data look back over past months and years to assess how well a business has been performing. With Optimizer720, insights on non-financial metrics throw a spotlight on issues that are undermining performance today, and likely to do so in the future. These insights, when factored into a client’s planning and decision making processes, can lead to breakthrough thinking and projects that will have a measurable impact on future performance.

Designed for speed and confidentiality.

Armed with actionable insights, advisors can help clients build areas of strength while identifying and prioritizing issues having a negative impact on the company's performance. These lead to Rapid Results projects, named for what they are designed to do... get results quickly, often in 100 days or less.

Optimizer720 protects the identity of individual respondents. As a result, staff and other stakeholders feel comfortable providing their honest opinion on issues affecting the business. Plus, all data is securely stored and safeguarded from loss or unauthorized access

Stay on top of evolving situations and trends.

Use Optimizer720 once to get valuable insights and establish a baseline. Use it regularly to... 

  • assess the impact new initiatives are having on business performance
  • monitor, manage and continually improve the business
  • calculate the ongoing ROI of the new initiatives
  • flag other issues that could undermine efforts to achieve key objectives.

Got a mid-market client that could benefit?

Get the lowdown on everything Optimizer720 can do for mid-market businesses, and explore the advantages of joining our advisory network. Contact Aron Pervin at

+1 (416) 360-0177

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Case In Point

Let’s say a company has a very specific policy for dealing with customer complaints. 

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to top management, the department responsible for ensuring that each is handled in a timely and appropriate manner has not been doing its job. Read more.



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