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How Optimizer720 works.


Available in English, French and Spanish, the Optimizer720® system uses a 15-minute online survey to measure and map the way all stakeholders perceive your client's business, its challenges and opportunities.

The survey is based on a set of carefully selected business drivers, competencies and statements developed from our experience advising hundreds of mid-market firms and family enterprises over the last 40 years. Plus, the drivers, statements and analytics built into Optimizer720, reviewed by major advisory firms and universities, have been used by firms in Canada, Mexico, Panama and Australia.

Carefully crafted statements measure stakeholder perceptions.

Optimizer720 surveys internal and external stakeholders on a standard set of statements – 36 for mid-market firms, and 48 for family enterprises. One statement typically addresses a business process while the other addresses a business practice. These perception-based results capture opinions of participants - how they understand and how they experience the business as it operates. Scores are simple averages of statement ratings, which visually display the organization's alignment of strategy and execution.

  • Up to five open-ended questions capture customized information on company-specific issues, and enable business leaders and their advisors to drill down on drivers and competencies built into the survey. Questions can be tailored to an issue or respondent category (Internal, External or Associate).
  • Participants are asked to rate each statement on a 7-point Likert scale, ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.
  • All survey participants respond to the same statements with minor wording changes being used to reflect a respondent’s relationship to the company. A statement, for example, may refer to “we” for employees while customers see the company name.
  • Respondent groups can be segmented by, for example, division or location, enabling even more precise and useful insights.
  • You pay only one flat fee per project, regardless of the number of participants.

Who is surveyed?

The survey captures data for three respondent categories and five or more respondent groups (selectable). These are:

  • Internal: Managers, Employees
  • External: Customers, Network (e.g. suppliers or agents)
  • Associates: Other (non-executive) stakeholders, owners/shareholders (not directly involved in the business), board members, investors, referrers, and so forth.

The system provides a variety of emails to communicate with respondents before, during and after the survey is closed.

What is measured?

Perceptions are measured against a set of carefully selected performance drivers – 9 for mid-market businesses and 12 for family businesses. Each driver broken down into two contributing factors (competencies). Each competency has two statements that survey respondents are asked to rate.  The performance gaps displayed in the survey results pinpoint alignment of business processes (to support strategy) and business practices (execution).

Here is a sample of a complete statement set for one of the two competencies associated with the business driver, “Opportunity”:

Outward Looking (competency)

Internal (respondent group)
  1. We constantly look for ways to get new customers/clients
  2. We adjust our marketing programs based on market trends.
External (respondent group)
  1. [companyname] constantly looks for ways to get new customers/clients.
  2. [companyname] adjusts its marketing programs based on market trends.
Associate (respondent group)
  1. [companyname] constantly looks for ways to get new customers/clients
  2. [companyname] adjusts its marketing programs based on market trends


Individual respondent information is held in the strictest confidence, and anonymity is guaranteed as per our published Privacy Policy, and only released if a respondent chooses to self-identify, which also allows the respondent to see how he or she has responded. All self-identified respondent results are printed in the report.

Analysis and Reporting

Once the survey is closed, the data is analyzed and a comprehensive and highly visual report is generated. This report displays the data in a variety of ways, including:

Performance Gaps

The methodology enables owners, executives, and their advisors to compare and contrast the perceptions of different stakeholder groups, and to zero in on problem areas related to performance and the business’s strategic direction.

Relationship Index

The Optimizer720 Relationship Index evaluates each external respondent group’s loyalty to, and willingness to advocate for, a brand or company. When calculated for internal groups, it measures how satisfied and engaged staff is with their employer and the workplace/organization. Specifically, it answers these questions:

  • For customers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders, would they recommend the business’s products or services to others?
  • For managers and employees, would they recommend the company as a great place to work?

For family enterprises, the Relationship Index also measures stakeholder confidence in owners' ability to deal with overlapping business, management, and family interests. Most importantly, it reveals whether stakeholders believe the business is in good hands with both current and likely future family members.

Interactive Webcube®

Our unique Interactive Webcube enables the quick identification of issues deserving attention. It provides a snapshot of the way different groups perceive a company’s performance on business drivers; competencies and even individual statements that survey respondents are asked to rate.

There’s more!

Each Certified Optimizer720 Advisor receives a personal Dashboard for managing their projects.

The comprehensive online training, central to the Optimizer720 certification process, explains how to use this Dashboard. It also explains how to manage the survey, present its findings, and identify performance improvement projects in a Rapid Results meeting (an integral part of every Optimizer720 project).

For more information, contact Aron Pervin, Founder and President, by email or at 

+1 (416) 360-0177 

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