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The only process that examines both business and family performance.


Being a business owner can be a lonely perch. Very often, it’s difficult to find out what’s really going on, and to decide what actions will benefit performance and value. 

Until now.

Examine both family and business performance.

Unlike other family business diagnostic tools that focus on talent management, career planning and in some cases relationship issues, Optimizer720® examines both business and family performance, with a focus on transition readiness. Designed to protect the identity of individual respondents, staff and family members feel comfortable providing their honest opinion on issues affecting the business.

For family businesses, only.

An Optimizer720 advisor is uniquely placed to help owners and managers measure and map stakeholder alignment on key business drivers, three of which are unique to family businesses. Check out Continuity, Governance and Participation here. And for more detail on how the process delivers these exceptional insights, click here.

Designed for speed and confidentiality.

Evidence-based insights enable Optimizer720 Certified Advisors to help clients build on areas of strength while identifying and prioritizing issues having a negative impact on the company's performance. These lead to Rapid Results projects, named for what they are designed to do... get results quickly, often in 100 days or less.

Optimizer720 protects the identity of individual respondents. As a result, staff and other stakeholders feel comfortable providing their honest opinion on issues affecting the business. Plus, all data is securely stored and safeguarded from loss or unauthorized access.

Get actionable insights.

Actionable insights highlight gaps between intention and execution that could be undermining the best efforts of family and staff members. When acted on, these insights can lead to:

  • stronger relationships between family members; 
  • improvements in the way family members interact with employees and hired managers; and
  • enhanced transition readiness through lessening the ambiguity, second-guessing and possible misunderstandings that can sabotage the process

“See” the issues.

Colourful, easy-to-read graphs and charts present the data clearly, encouraging comparisons between stakeholder groups. Stories about the business and family are presented visually, enabling an advisor to focus attention on the two, three or four areas that lend themselves to measurable, Rapid Results projects.

Drill down on loyalty, satisfaction, and confidence in the family.

Optimizer720’s Relationship Index evaluates each external respondent group’s loyalty to, and willingness to advocate for, a brand or company. When calculated for internal groups, it measures staff satisfaction and engagement with the employer and the workplace/organization.

For family businesses, the Relationship Index also measures the confidence stakeholders have in the way the owners deal with overlapping business, management, and family interests. Most importantly, it reveals whether stakeholders believe the business is in good hands with current family members, and those likely to take over in the future.


Case In Point

A family grapples with the issue of business continuity...

...but is not making much headway. Family members continually debate the merits of being family owned and managed, or family owned and professionally managed. 

The conversation maintains the illusion of action, but there is no movement – only ambiguity and frustration. Read more.

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Key questions every family business must answer. 

Using Optimizer720, you'll be uniquely positioned to assess the effect of family participation and ownership on business performance, and help your clients answer some big questions:

  • Are business strategies and family values aligned?
  • Is there a well-established succession plan for family members?
  • Are we doing what’s necessary to groom the next generation to lead?
  • Are decisions made in the best interests of the business or family?
  • Do family dynamics get in the way of managing the business?
  • Do family members get the training they need to do their job?




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