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Clear, visually compelling analytics focus attention on
critical information.

Colourful graphics bring Optimizer720's insights to life.

Optimizer720™ is designed to gather, integrate and graphically display the collective insights of the people who know your client's organization best – management, staff, customers, suppliers, board members and other stakeholders.

By obtaining feedback on the same issues from each group, Optimizer720 quickly identifies gaps between the way an organization deals with its customers, employees and others, and how these stakeholders expect the organization to deal with them. 

The results are presented in a comprehensive report. All insights are supported by statistically valid data drawn from each stakeholder group. Colourful, easy-to-read graphs and charts present the data clearly, encouraging comparisons between stakeholder groups. Your client's unique story is presented visually, enabling you to quickly and simply focus attention on the two, three or four areas that lend themselves to measurable 100-day (Rapid Results) initiatives.


In business, relationships can mean everything.

Optimizer720’s Relationship Index evaluates each external respondent group’s loyalty to, and willingness to advocate for, a brand Relationship Indexor company not the satisfaction for a particular product or transaction (which is customer-centricity). When calculated for internal groups, it measures staff satisfaction with and engagement to the employer and the workplace/organization. Specifically, it answers these questions:

  • For customers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders, would they recommend the products or services to others? 
  • For internal stakeholders - managers and employees - would they recommend the company as a great place to work?

For family enterprises, the Relationship Index also measures the confidence stakeholders have in the way the owners deal with overlapping business, management, and family interests. Most importantly, it reveals whether stakeholders believe the business is in good hands with current family members, and those likely to take over in the future.


Identify hot spots – instantly!

Our proprietary Interactive Webcube® provides an instant picture of the way in which each stakeholder group feels about a particular statement. Blue indicates a high level of agreement; orange, a high level of disagreement. Large differences in the way a statement is viewed suggest the need for further investigation.

Very often, investigations reveal issues that require immediate attention. It might be a promising opportunity to provide employees with some much-needed training, or to ramp up the way in which a business communicates with its customers. 

In the words of one of our Advisora, “The Interactive Webcube makes my job so much easier. I can see at a glance where a client has a problem. This allows me to focus their attention on a few things that will make a difference to their business. It’s an absolute winner.”


Different groups see different things, differently!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Customers, managers, employees and others can all have a very different view of a business.

Optimizer720 enables a team to take advantage of opportunities to perform at a higher level by identifying gaps in the way a company’s performance on business drivers and competencies is perceived by the various groups surveyed. 

In this graph, each group is represented by a different colour. Enlarge it to see how customers differ from employees and managers on a number of issues. In combination with the Interactive Webcube® and other charts and graphs, Optimizer720 makes it easy to spot problems, and to "see" the opportunities and challenges requiring management's immediate attention.



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Benefits of Data Visualization

Check out why one look is worth a thousand words!

  • Grasp information in a new and more compelling way
  • Visualize relationships and patterns between operational and strategic activities
  • Identify and act on emerging market trends and business improvements faster
  • Manipulate, drill down and interact directly with the data
  • Encourages a common language for change


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