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And now for something completely different... an advisory process that actually makes a difference.


See results in 100 days or less!

From a standing start, data collection and analysis take about 35 days. Following this, the advisor schedules a meeting to present the findings and discuss how to build on areas of strength and explore possible issues that are having a negative impact on the company's performance.

We call these Rapid Results meetings, as that is exactly what they are designed to do... identify projects that will show results quickly, often in 100 days or less.

We encourage advisors to restrict the number of projects to a manageable number – often just two or three. The proof is in the results, and we’ve found that clients will gladly approve additional projects when those first launched have demonstrated results.

We recommend using Optimizer720 annually to confirm the results achieved through Rapid Results projects, and to identify any other issues that might be undermining the company’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. 

For a detailed look at how Optimizer720 delivers exceptional, evidence-based insights, click here


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