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Meet our Advisory Board.

The Optimizer720 Advisory Board provides strategic direction and industry insight to our rapidly growing business and worldwide team of qualified consultants.

The Board features a dynamic group of seasoned executives and consultants. Each has worked with market-leading global organizations, in a wide variety of industries.

Peter Finestone

Peter was a Senior Manager at the City of Toronto and now is an independent Organizational Consultant. He developed and implemented multiple City strategies, redesigned organizations and systems to enhance performance, advised City Council and was the spokesperson for the City with other governments and various national agencies. During his years at the City he was responsible for all foreign direct investment and promoted Toronto, nationally and internationally, as a place to do business. As Film Commissioner, working with various public and private sector partners, he drove a growth in expenditures in film production and post production from $600 million to more than $1.1 billion.

Peter began his career as a training and then management consultant both as an independent practitioner and for the City of Toronto. He is an expert in instrument design. His PhD dissertation focused on the validation of an assessment tool.

Brett Knowles

Brett is a long-time Thought Leader in the Strategy Execution space for high-tech organizations. Brett’s tech clients include well known organizations like Google, Facebook  and Yahoo, rapidly emerging high-techs like Anaplan and Qlik, and countless entrepreneurial companies.

With over 3,000 clients in virtually every sector and from around the world, Brett and his teams bring a pragmatic “been-there / done-that” approach that has a bias for action and focuses on transferring the skills into their clients. His client work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune and countless other business magazines, books and periodicals. Four of Brett’s clients have been presented the prestigious Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Award, and his clients have been profiled in every book by Drs’ Kaplan and Norton. Brett has written over 200 articles and blog postings and over 450 videos, and is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars.

In addition to his work at Skandia, Stockholm, that lead to the term “Human Capital”, Brett has also conducted research, published articles and consulted in: Accountability Statements, Balanced Scorecard, Gamification of Business, Job Function Deployment, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and Role Clarity.

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